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06 March 2011 @ 08:43 pm
( couleur_noire )  

welcome to couleur_noire  ( black color ) a community dedicated to icons of
people of color . here i ( retrovicious ) post all my icons and graphic related  materiel
that features black artists . this community was created as a reaction to the lack of
diversity in most icons posts around livejournal . to view all the entries please join

please fallow these simple rules:

♠ only love for the people i choose to post around here
♠ be respectful of the other members
♠ don't claim anything as yours
♠ don't modify the graphics i post and then repost them and pretend their yours ( that's really low ppl )
unless stated so, none of what i post is to be used as bases
♠ don't repost the materiel i post here on tumblr ( i'll find out and i'll fucking hunt you down )
♠ please please please: comment!, it doesn't take you long and it makes me feel like i'm not just wasting my time :)
♠ have fun and feel free to give some suggestions !